As an Authorised dealer, Botany Bay Marine Services offers the full range of Kohler marine products. We offer new installations, parts and servicing.
Kohler diesel marine generators are efficient, compact, deliver smooth power on demand and can handle load requirements from 3.5 to 125 kW, designed to power even the most sophisticated onboard electronic devices.
Equipped with the microporcessor-based Advanced Digital Control (ADC)or DEC3+ Control and the industries most acoustically advanced sound shields, Kohler diesel generators operate at an unparalleled level of performance.
STABLE - The Kohler-designed Fast Response voltage regulators set the standard for steady, reliable power delivery to all electrical components.
WORRY FREE - For everything from loss of coolant to low oil pressure to high water temperature, Kohler marine generators automatic shutdown protects against costly damage.
Be safe and prepared on the water with a Kohler Seas Spares Kit on your yacht or cruiser. This durable, protective utility box contains the genuine marine parts you need for emergencies and general maintenance.
Kits typically include:
Durable Watertight Container, Circuit Breakers, Fuel Filter, Oil Filter, Assorted Fuses, Inpeller Repair Kit, Spark Plugs, V-Belts

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